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Of all of my experiences through college, those that involved service to others were the most meaningful. Humanitarian or charitable nonprofits are excellent avenues to continue a life of service while using my specific skill set. I plan to find employment in an administrative position to equip and support others who also have a passion for service.


My degree in studio art may not seem the most obvious beginning to a vocation in nonprofits; however, many of the skills I developed in art transfer to a variety of roles. I have a creative eye for design, the ability to manage projects, attention to detail, and organization. These skills, paired with my management concentration and my other experiences, affirm that the link between my major and career goals are not unfounded. I thrive in administrative roles, planning and organizing, implementing, and project completion. That is part of the reason I like art. It is hands-on and results in a tangible product. Since there are often few staff members who wear many hats in charitable nonprofits, I can also use my design skills to assist with the communications aspect within the organization.


In order to get the most out of my first full-time job experience, I would like to serve in a support role in order to learn about the organization and build my leadership skills. This good advice came from a person I spoke with in one of  my informational interviews.

My courses at St. Olaf have equipped me with creative skills, but I would like to develop my technical skills by taking a course in graphic design following graduation. This would be beneficial for the marketing and communication aspects in a nonprofit organization.


To serve others in an administrative/support role in a humanitarian nonprofit, incorporating my results-driven mentality and skills from my background in art.
Speak with people in project management with administrative roles in service nonprofits, who work in Colorado.
Enroll in more classes and receive certification in graphic design, project management, or event planning.
Consider volunteering with AmeriCorps.
Work for an organization from which I can learn and has a mission I believe in.
Become a better leader rather than manager.
Make service an integral part of my life.
Be a patron of the arts.
Live somewhere near mountains.
Be where I am called.

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Long Term


Vocational Goals

Vocational Vision
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